A lovely Saturday Stroll in the Sunny ‘deen!

I’m writing this blog just as I’m about to head out for another driving lesson, having spent a lovely morning wandering around the Sunny ‘deen visiting shops new and old. Started my morning with a visit to the as ever fabulous Mr. Dun’s Barbers for a quick beard trim and my first coffee of the morning.

Fresh Beard Trim Acquired

Next stop was Bandit Bakery, maker of the world’s best Cinnamon Buns, and damn good bread as well. Although today was only a pit stop for one of their brand new, and rather excellent, Milk Chocolate and Miso cookies (see below)

Miso and Chocolate Cookie! Replaces their Pumpkin Spice Cookie

Cookie in hand, time to walk down Union Street to see the two new shops I wanted to visit today, starting with departmnt a Christmas Popup shop for local artists opened by Second Home Aberdeen. The second stop was the re-opening of Attic Clothing in their new location on Union Street. Didn’t get myself anything new this time, but always cool to see the latest clothing

Moving from their old home into a new store front Attic stocks some amazing brands.

The first coffee was beginning to run out so I headed to the Mount Coffee Shop for a refill. Only recently opened, and already packed, always lovely to see more Coffee Shop options in town.

And now I have to go make Aberdeen unsafe, and later meet up with my little Sister for a birthday dinner.

P.S. Not sponsored by any of these companies, just want to shout out some great small businesses, although I am willing to be bribed 😉


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