Aerospace Society Aberdeen Test Flight

I was lucky enough last Saturday to be invited for one of the first test flights of the Aberdeen Aerospace Engineering Society.

Ready for takeoff!

The rain stayed away for the whole day, but the wind battered us throughout testing, leading to some stunning manoeuvres, and red faces

Last-minute discussions and preparations

There was some frantic discussion about the conditions, but two tests went off more or less without a hitch, a big step for the club, which was only founded in September 2019

Tape solves all your problems (Alex, left, and Nikita, right)

The first test went well but the landing slightly damaged the front wheel, but that’s what testing is for, so a quick patch and off for a second test

Alex holding his prize and joy!

The second test was a test of the automated system they have developed to glide the plane along, that went well as well, all in all the plane survived so the team was thrilled

The team responsible for it

Check out their Facebook Page and a video they published of the day in more detail

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