Beautiful Sunrise at Torry Battery and Greyhope Bay!

One of the things I love the most about living in the North East is the spectacular sunrises we get, overlooking the sea the sun rises over Aberdeen over Greyhope Bay where I went this morning with some friends who were up visiting.

I may not be amazing at Portraits but every so often I try again to capture people and with such glorious morning light how could I not try to get a few shots, although mostly of their reliefs against the sun and the bright orange sky

Following a successful sunrise we decided to treat ourselves by heading to Aberdeen Beach and the ever amazing foodstory for coffee, and to visit the delightful Fittie which is always stunning, even more so on a sunny cold morning like today.

Days like these make me fall in love with the North East all over again, good luck in Edinburgh Marianna, you’ll smash it!

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