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  • 5 Minute Edit Challenge! Beautiful Queenstown!

    5 Minute Edits from the amazing Queenstown on the Southern Island of New Zealand. Hiking up mountains for beautiful skys and waterfalls

  • Choi Hung Estate

    One of the most eye-catching places in Hong Kong: the Choi Hung Estate (Chinese: 彩虹邨) is an Instagram favourite with its many colourful blocks of flats framed by its equally vibrant basketball courts. Worth a trip if you’re a photographer or simply enjoy a splash of colour, try and go early to avoid the crowds […]

  • The Vietnam Diaries: Ha Long Bay

    Ha Long Bay an icon! A series of limestone islands in the north of Vietnam surrounded by emerald blue water, what could you not like. The trip was organised to leave from my hostel earlyish in the morning, as we would be taking an approximately 3-hour bus journey to Ha Long. Ideally, if you have […]

  • The Vietnam Diaries: Hong Kong to Hanoi

    Day 1 – Beginning a Journey My flight to Hanoi was a rather relaxed affair, leaving in the early afternoon meant I could double and triple check I had everything I needed for the month ahead. I had normally taken only the airport express or Ubers to the Airport, but since time wasn’t an issue […]

  • Sai Kung

    Sorry it has been a while since my last post but I was on a whistlestop tour of New Zealand and then had to move into my new house (we’re nearly done only a few things left to do now) but let’s jump back several months to that day I jumped off a waterfall in […]

  • Exploring Downtown Hong Kong

    One of the many joys of living in Hong Kong is the ability to wander through the city and being astounded by either the architecture, the people, or both. An area where this is particularly effective is Admiralty, you can wander from the Harbours edge to the iconic Hong Kong Park and be constantly wowed. […]

  • Suicide Cliff II

    This post is gonna be less story and more pretty because I didn’t take enough pictures to properly create a story but it’s worth the post anyway with just how pretty this whole day was This is one of the first few outings I did with my new lens (finally upgraded the stock 18-55 to […]

  • Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, and Wisdom Path

    This week we’re continuing our quest to get on top of all the trips I’ve done but not written up yet by jumping back to October when I hiked up to the Big Buddha with another friend of mine, we’ll meet her again in Shenzhen whenever I get round to writing that up. Now you […]

  • Hong Kong: New Year 2019

    Happy belated New Year, I am aware that my NYE post has come out after my Chinese New Year post but that’s poor planning on my behalf, and a warning that most of these blogs will be in a random order as I’m trying to clear a backlog of stuff while constantly shooting more Anyway […]