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  • Aerospace Society Aberdeen Test Flight

    I was lucky enough last Saturday to be invited for one of the first test flights of the Aberdeen Aerospace Engineering Society. The rain stayed away for the whole day, but the wind battered us throughout testing, leading to some stunning manoeuvres, and red faces There was some frantic discussion about the conditions, but two […]

  • I am still alive!

    Hi guys, sorry I’ve not been very active but I’ve been busy with the start of a new academic year. But fret not, I have still been trying to edit and maintain my photography skills so here’s some bangers from the last few months that I’ve edited. I spent a decent amount of time in […]

  • Taiwan 2

    Day 4: Hot Springs and Junjianyan Day 4 started with a short ride on the MRT towards Beitou Station and Thermal Valley Getting off I was pleasantly surprised by how quite it was, proper suburbia. A quick 20 minute walk later and I had arrived, the smell of sulfur hitting the back of my nose […]

  • Taiwan

    I visited Taiwan for a week last February, it’s a country full of temples, amazing landscape and an entirely unique feel to its inner cities Day 1: Chiayi City I started Day 1 at 4:30AM getting picked up to drive to the airport here in Hong Kong. Flying out to Taichung at 7AM. From there […]

  • Victoria Peak Hike II

    My Family came to visit me for a week at the end of February and I decided to take them for a walk up to the iconic Victoria Peak and to admire the iconic Hong Kong skyline from the Lugard Road Lookout. Spring has been slowly arriving in Hong Kong so although dry it was […]

  • Macao Trip

    A small city much like Hong Kong, Macao is a gamblers paradise, a former portugese colony it is only a short distance from Hong Kong. You can reach Macao by either Ferry or as we did, across the worlds longest sea crossing the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge, by Bus. We decided to do this entire thing […]

  • Cheung Chau

    The Island of Cheung Chau is an outlying island of Hong Kong, its nickname is the ‘dumbell island’ as it is shaped like a dumbell. It is a place where the locals often go to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a day in the sunshine taking in some […]

  • Shenzhen

    This City is a mecca for nerds, it happening to look an awful lot like Gotham at night helps it here. I had the privilege of spending a weekend in the Electronics Manufacturing Capital of the world with a friend of mine before Chinese New Year Day 1 We arrived quite late in the day […]

  • Chinese New Year Flower Fair

    A shorter one this week, I went to the Flower Market here in Victoria Park a few weeks ago. It was an event for Chinese New Year however because of the size of my backlog I have only just gotten round to editing these This gave me an opportunity to practice my street portraits, I’ve […]