Cheung Chau

The Island of Cheung Chau is an outlying island of Hong Kong, its nickname is the ‘dumbell island’ as it is shaped like a dumbell. It is a place where the locals often go to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a day in the sunshine taking in some stunning views

Yuk Hui Temple (Pak Tai Temple) murial

The island is surrounded by beaches and filled with history including a pirates cave, but we first went to see the rather lovely Pak Tai Temple before heading off for a little hike.

A rocky coastline so typical of Hong Kong

Past a series of stunning (and rather interesting looking) rock formations and along a Miniature Great Wall we walked, taking in the coastal views and chatting about live and Hong Kong politics before we eventually the outskirts of town again. Here surrounded again by pastel painted houses we had lunch before eventually we headed out to our last stop of the day,

Pastel Houses very reminscient of the mediterranean

Past a lovely little fishing harbour we went in search for treasure, finding none of course. By the time we had clamoured out of the very tight caves it was almost time to leave, we took a little ferry back to the main harbour before heading back to Hong Kong on the express boat.

Perfect Weather, Mountains in the back and fishing boats in the front. Life’s very good sometimes

A very nice day all in all, if you find yourself in Hong Kong wanting some peace and quite and have some time Cheung Chau is definetly worth checking out.

Sorry about skipping last weeks blog I’ve been rather busy in Vietnam and trying to post daily means I don’t have time to do the extra edits required for this blog. I’ll try and get on top of it and do both, but in the meantime check out my instagram (link) for the latest goings on in my life

– nikmaxott

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