Chinese New Year Flower Fair

A shorter one this week, I went to the Flower Market here in Victoria Park a few weeks ago. It was an event for Chinese New Year however because of the size of my backlog I have only just gotten round to editing these

Flower Vendor

This gave me an opportunity to practice my street portraits, I’ve only included a couple on here because the others didn’t turn out to a satisfactory standard. This was in the phase where I was still getting used to my new lens and its different auto focus speed which meant that a lot of these didn’t turn out entirely in focus which isn’t ideal

Fruit Market in Mong Kok

While I was heading to Victoria Park, where the flower fair took place, I walked past some of the market stalls scattered throughout Mong Kok and the more residential areas of the city. That reminded me of how truly amazing the place I’ve called home for more than half a year is (wow my time is nearly over isn’t it) and how much character it has, and has retained when you wander slightly off the beaten path

Have a lovely weekend guys

– nikmaxott

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