Chinese New Year

Happy Year of the Pig

Happy New Year of the Pig 2019 everybody, I didn’t take my camera up to the peak so you’ll have to deal with phone photos for this week. I have however been busy, Chinese New Year presents a lot of opportunities and you’ve got the week off which helps. The New Years Parade through Kowloon was okay, maybe I just got some not so good places but it doesn’t rival the Rosenmontags pardes in Germany but it was an interesting enough experience. Take some friends and go next year if you can

The day after the parade are the fireworks, these are much better, although it does get crowded anywhere with a decent view as you’d expect. I went up to Victoria Peak and even walked to the Lugard Road Lookout where I met up with some friends and we were still surrounded by people, althouhg primarily photographers with tripods et al. taking photos of the beautiful skyline, sadly it was quite foggy this year so the fireworks were partially obscured under there own smoke at the end of the 20 minute event

A Panaroma from the lookout

As you read this, or at least at time of publishing I will be in Macao accomplishing my goal of visiting as many countries as possible this Year, that will make 3 although I plan on doing at least 4 more before I head back to Scotland but those plans will be revealed to you soon, or well as soon as I figure out when I’m going where and how I fund this entire endeavour at least.

As for the Peak above I will need to go again soon now I actually know where the Lugard Road Lookout is and I’ll bring the stuff neccessary to get some slightly less nosiy shots, google may be able to do magic but nothing beats a DSLR

Have a good weekend,
– nikmaxott

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