Cool Trains! Also Edinburgh Christmas Market, I Guess?

Having just come back from the beach (see my previous post) I decided to go through my SD card and found a few pictures of when I went to see my sister in November and we went to the Christmas Market. This is gonna be a short post as I honestly didn’t take many pictures but still thought it was worth posting, mostly because I saw some cool trains.

Now all the touristy crap is out the way my most exciting thing of the day was the Pullman Service going through Waverley, also an LNER Azuma which I took to Edinburgh because lord are they comfy, especially compared to ScotRail. Although I can’t be dismissive as the LNER train I wanted to get was cancelled as it was stuck somewhere near Birmingham so took a ScotRail rather than risk Rail Replacement Buses.

Told you it would be a short blog, but decided to get a second one up for the 2 people who read this thing. Have a great rest of your Sunday!

– nikmaxott

Bonus pic that my wonderful sister took, demonstrating her artist cred

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