Exploring Downtown Hong Kong

One of the many joys of living in Hong Kong is the ability to wander through the city and being astounded by either the architecture, the people, or both. An area where this is particularly effective is Admiralty, you can wander from the Harbours edge to the iconic Hong Kong Park and be constantly wowed.

Red flowers with the distinctive Lippo Building in the background

On this day I wandered away from the shore and towards Hong Kong Park, an area I had somehow not explored until today. And am I glad I did it, perfect weather, the setting sun and the ever changing backdrop of Hong Kongs skyline made for some gorgeous photos

Hong Kong Park is spectacularly situated for views of some of the most iconic skyscrapers in the City (below IFC 2)


Making my way back to the harbour and hopefully an MTR stop I was greeted again by the sun setting over the hills and behind skyscrapers, this city never ceases to amaze me.

Whilst wandering down I stumbled upon this tiny park stuck between the HSBC and Bank of China Buildings and a Cathedral in the very heart of Hong Kong’s finance district

Cheung Kong Park

A place for bankers to have there lunch in peace and relax a little it also offers some spectacular views of the surrounding buildings including a glimpse of the ICC (top banner of this post). At this point it was beginning to get cold and the sun had nearly set so I continued downwards, admiring this bridges architecture on the way home

I’m nearly done here in Hong Kong and going through these old pictures has reminded me yet again why I love this place so much. I’m feeling nostalgic for somewhere I haven’t even left yet. But onwards and upwards, up next New Zealand and the UAE
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