From Gatwick Departures To Nowhere For Now…

I was meant to be up in the air to Aberdeen to go see my partner and to graduate by now, but the flight’s been delayed. Luckily I’m quite used to being in Airports, I really enjoy it to be honest.

I find them incredibly productive places, I’ve got so many photos edited, and issues completed sitting waiting for flights. Just this last month I managed to finish off a major client project that I’d been slowly working away at for 6 months as I was on a train for 8 hours from Aberdeen to London Kings Cross.

I might try and write a few more of these ramblings about my life, finally managed to settle into some sort of rhythm with work and life which gives me some free time, a luxury I haven’t had in years due to Uni and work. It’s a very novel feeling, but a very good one as well.

– nikmaxott

P.S. Pic of dog is unrelated, just random dog on Aberdeen Beach

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