Hong Kong: New Year 2019

Happy belated New Year, I am aware that my NYE post has come out after my Chinese New Year post but that’s poor planning on my behalf, and a warning that most of these blogs will be in a random order as I’m trying to clear a backlog of stuff while constantly shooting more

The skyline over some security fences when you could still see it for all the smoke that would later cover it

Anyway back to the beginning of the year, I had found a place with amazing views a few weeks earlier when picking up a friend from Kowloon Station. There’s a bridge with one of the best views of the skyline bar almost non, easy to get to, easy to setup in, within walking distance of other places to shoot, but as with all good things there was a catch. For New Years they blocked off the bridge and stopped people taking photos from there, which although understandable is still annoying.

Long Exposure Handheld isn’t very easy but worth it for this kind of shot

So I had to make a choice, go where everyone else was and try and find a place to get some decent photos or go to the nearby West Kowloon Cultural District and sneak onto the building site to get an unrivalled angle. I decided against trespassing again because I’d assume they’d have slightly more security on New Years than the last time I snuck in, and instead made myself comfortable with all of the others that had gathered outside the station to try catch some of the fireworks. I could’ve had a better view, I won’t lie, but it was still fairly spectacular to witness all of the colours, shapes and bangs in person

So many colours

The light show went on for a good 15-20 minutes and I didn’t spend all of it taking pictures, as it is sometimes good to just relax and switch off the electronics and be present in your surroundings which was nice, a good way to start the year off I feel.

I hope all of you have excellent 2019’s and I hope to take you along my 2019 journey which will take me across the world from New Zealand, to Dubai and of course back home to Scotland.

Ein guten rutsch an alle
– nikmaxott

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