Frontend Mentor Challenge: Interactive Ratings Component – HTML, CSS, JS

Check out the final result:
Check out the GitHub repo:

My first proper interactive challenge. The challenge here was state management, featuring a very simple layout, with very little changing between mobile and desktop versions.

I set myself the additional challenge to build this entire project in pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. No frameworks to be seen here!

Thank You screen

Having built the two main screens: the rating screen, and the thank you screen. I had to build a switch between the two, and making this happen when the submit button is clicked.

The final step was to ensure that the active, and selected states looked the part

The Ratings Screen

More challenges will be coming soon, Iā€™m taking suggestions, leave a comment! May even start some other programming languages, such as PHP šŸ˜‰

– nikmaxott

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