Italy: A Day In Sorrento

This day was a bit of a failure, we were planning on going to the Amalfi Coast and doing a short hike along a route we had heard about from some of the people we met during our trip to Capri

Sorrento, Overview, Ocean, Naples, Italy
An overview of Sorrento

We got up early, well at least by holiday standards, had breakfast and went to the bus stop outside the Airbnb. However, the first bus we tried to get on didn’t have any space for us and the driver told us to go down to the Town and queue at the bus stop there to get a bus. But small roads and lots of cars equate to traffic jams so getting into town by bus was impossible, instead we decided to simply walk into town

Salumeria, Shop, Sorrento, Naples, Italy

On the way to the central bus stop, we tried to catch several other buses that passed, but all of those were also full so we decided to just abandon our plans. It was already beginning to get slightly too late for us to be able to do the full hike that we had planned as we had spent about 1.5 hours waiting for buses so we decied to spend one more day exploring the beautiful town of Sorrento.

Museum, Street, Orange, Italy, Sorrento
A lovely quiet street

We made our way to “I Giardini di Cataldo” where we tried some local delicacies: Limoncello and Ice Cream. Both of which where amazing!

Orangerie, Sorrento, Italy, Sign
I giardini di Cataldo

At this point we were ready to head back to the Airbnb and call it a day, although we didn’t accomplish our original goal we did have a lovely little day wandering through Sorrento just enjoying our surroundings

Street Art Sorrento, Bike in corner. Two young people - one male, one female. Lots of hearts
Some lovely street art

– nikmaxott

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