Italy: Capri & Anacapri

These first few blog entries are just gonna be me playing catchup, this first one takes us back more than 4 months to my family holiday in Italy.

The whole trip was amazing but one of the highlights was our day trip to, and around Capri. Quite a few of the pictures from that day, and the trip as a whole, are already on my Instagram so I won’t be including those here but let’s start with how we got to the Island

The quaint little harbour we started the day in

We got picked up by a taxi that the boat company had organised that took us from the hotel near our Airbnb to this small harbour. We boarded our boat and were joined by an American family, and a few other tourists. These would be our companions for the day, going to and from the island with us, as well as for our boat tour around Capri.

The Island

Once we left the little harbour we went along the coast for a little while, before in the distance and through the fog the Island appeared, it really was quite spectacular.

Capri through the fog, little boat in centre of image, cliffs in background. Very grey
Capri through the fog

We were quite lucky, we had flown out just before the start of the Tourist Season, and picked a day that, although it started off foggy and cloudy, became the full Italian spectacle, burning sun, gorgeous blue skies, all while surrounded by the spectacular azure sea. As we got off our little boat we were greeted by the amazing colourful sprawl that is Capri and the Marina Grande.

Anacapri and the colourful harbour

We didn’t stay for very long in Capri and quickly made our way to the second town on the Island, Anacapri, it’s where we would spend the rest of our time on the island.

Map of Capri on tiles
Map of Capri

Anacapri was truly stunning, and its where I got the best pictures of the day. We walked around the town and being the mature person I am I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snap this picture, it’s probably some really important local art but I’m immature

Immature photography

Boats and Swimming

At some point we realised we had only very little time to get back to the ship, we hoped we could take a bus down again as we had on the way up. But we missed the only bus for the next half hour that would take us all the way down to the Harbour, so instead we had a lovely little race down the hill in one of the Taxis. Well, we tried to race but ran into a massive traffic jam, who’d have thought tiny narrow roads built for horses wouldn’t be able to fit two delivery trucks next to each other?

We may have had to run to catch the boat, but we did make it in time, just, and were able to catch our breaths again. Although they were taken away by some of the views we saw over the next little while.

Breathtaking!! The whole island was gorgeous, and I didn’t do it justice in these pictures. We saw the island’s famous Blue Grotto, or more accurately we saw the queue to get into the Grotto.

I’m British so I’ll take any chance to queue but no thanks

The next, and final stop was to go swimming, and as someone used to the British coast the water was much warmer and saltier than I had expected. We even had some Snorkels and Goggles onboard for us to look underwater with which was a lot of fun.

The water was really surprisingly warm, and jumping off a boat is always a good time!

We did see a few more things on the way back to the mainland such as the famous Arch but we were homeward bound, and with my SD Card almost full and my battery empty, I couldn’t have shown you more if I’d wanted to.



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