Macao Trip

A small city much like Hong Kong, Macao is a gamblers paradise, a former portugese colony it is only a short distance from Hong Kong. You can reach Macao by either Ferry or as we did, across the worlds longest sea crossing the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge, by Bus.

We decided to do this entire thing during Chinese New Year Holidays so it took us nearly 5 hours to get from Hong Kong to Macao and get our temporary visa’s. This meant that the entire town was overcrowded and the touristy areas were almost impossible to walk through so we decided to abandon that and see Macao from up

Ruins of St. Paul’s from above

Heading up to the Monte Fort, just above the ruins, gave us the much desired view over the town and allowed us to see the Skyline of Macao. A very different one from Hong Kong, although impressive in it’s own way.

Macao Skyline from the Monte Fort

After that we went to explore the more local side of Macao and to get away from the crowds even further. Exploring first ‘Cemitério de São Miguel Arcanjo’ (St. Michael the Archangel Cemetery) which, although not featured here, is a very pretty portugese style Chapel in the middle of an old Cemetery in the heart of Macao. After this we wandered through the wonderful Tap Seac Square and witnessed some Chinese New Year Performances

Tap Seac Square

After getting a coffee from Circle K we walked up to, and through the Guia Municipial Park. From the Guia Fortress’s Lighthouse, at the peak of the park, we got a view of some of Macao’s most famous landmarks and the reason many people visit: the Casinos. The one below is probably Macaos most famous one, the uniquely shaped Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino

Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino

At this point the sun was beginning to set so we headed for an area where we could get cheap dinner and sit down for a bit to rest before we headed to the Casino’s and a bar. For dinner we had a very traditional meal, porkchop buns, rather nice although i’ve had better food.

After dinner we walked through the world famous Casinos, exploring Venice and Paris although in Asia and not in Europe. Rather nice all in all, although not being able to go to into the actual Casino floors because I’m too young, even if I don’t want to gamble, is a shame.

The Eiffel Tower but shorter and in Asia

At that point we went to a bar and enjoyed ourself until we could get a bus home, and thats where I say until next week.

– nikmaxott

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