NC500: Day 2 – Isle of Skye Megaday

Day 2 was one of the most anticipated days for me, visiting the Isle of Skye has been on my bucket list for a wee while at this point so even a very early wake up wasn’t enough to dampen my spirits. We started off by driving to Kyle of Lochalsh to get breakfast and our first meal of the day

Once breakfast was consumed we swapped drivers and had to go fill up with petrol, once we had enough fuel we were on our way to the first of 4ish stops.

Fairy Pools and Dunvegan Castle and Gardens

Our round tour of Skye started with going to the Fairy Pools, which were really very nice, although a bit too busy for my liking, despite us being early and coming at the very beginning of the season. It was about an hour walk there and back, and very picturesque.

The next stop was Dunvegan Castle and Garden, we didn’t end up going in the castle itself but thoroughly enjoyed the garden, it was a tad on the pricey side however so keep that in mind. And there are later gardens we visited that were definitely better.

We also stopped off for one of many attempts to get a cream tea, which my dad was very much looking forward to, although not entirely successful it set us up for the next stage of our trip

Old Man of Storr

One of the most famous views on all of Skye, the Old Man of Storr is a striking rock formation just a short drive from Portree, the capital of Skye.

Due to the weather conditions, and because we had other plans we ended up not going all the way up to the spot made famous on Instagram, but only to the actual Old Man himself, but it still gave unrivalled views of the surrounding area. And I cannot recommend it enough, the next stop was a very short one as the weather was very much turning against us.


Sadly we didn’t end up exploring this gorgeous area very much as we were both very tired, and hungry.

And with clouds chasing us, we drove back to Portree to get dinner, finding that every restaurant was full and fully booked. Meaning we ended up just getting chippies, which was thoroughly enjoyable.


The picturesque Portree is the proverbial capital of Skye, and the hub of all activity on the Island, after a long day of exploring this pretty island we found a place to park and took the chance to explore this gorgeous remote little town

Finally once dinner was had, we started the 2 hour drive home, with the sun setting, a spectacular end to an amazing day.

Engine Troubles

However my little Skoda had something to say about the nice time we were having and just a short distance from the campsite it complained loudly about a lack of oil, something that even without a background and degree in Mechanical Engineering I knew was and is essential to the running of an engine. More thrilling tales of how we found engine oil in the highlands in the next part of the blog…

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