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Sorry it has been a while since my last post but I was on a whistlestop tour of New Zealand and then had to move into my new house (we’re nearly done only a few things left to do now) but let’s jump back several months to that day I jumped off a waterfall in Hong Kong.

The day started early, as I made my way out to Sai Kung Country Park for 10am to meet up with friends. We wanted to go explore a few beaches, a waterfall and of course the gorgeous landscape surrounding Hong Kong

A small village, Sai Kung is famous for its old school fishing port and trade

Sai Kung is a very colourful and vibrant village to the east of Hong Kong City, known for being a fishing port standing by the harbour you are greeted with the smell of the days catch and greeted by the junk boats used by the local population to fish the water surrounding Hong Kong

Sai Kung is still Hong Kong with the familiar grey buildings and looming distant landscapes

Having got off the MTR at Choi Hung I got onto a minibus and started thundering through the landscape on the little beige and green murder machines so ubiquitous in this town. Getting out of the city and into the countryside never failed to make me fall in love with more with this amazing city, especially if we’re careening down a tight road at 80 km/h being driven by some Chinese uncle

Having survived the trip to the harbour I met up with my friends at the pier, got a quick cup of coffee and then got onto two more buses before we finally arrived at the beginning of the short hike towards the beach front.

A better view of the Ocean

The first 20 minutes were just through the short bush like jungle that most of Hong Kongs countryside is covered in but we eventually turned a corner and were greeted by the spectacular blue ocean and rolling hills which define this part of the world and make it so damn special


After a short time in the lowlands walking through bush and along the well defined paths we finally made it to the first of two beaches. Most of us took the opportunity to dive into the water and get a little swim in, despite it still being a little bit early in the year to properly do so

My friend @zelofrya walking fearlessly into the South China Sea

After lunch and an hour or so of messing about and enjoying the Hong Kong sunshine we decided to head off to the next beach, but we were faced with one of the biggest perils Hong Kong has to offer: wild cows… (well the wild boars are more dangerous but they don’t walk along paths too often)

This glorious picture courtesy of a friend of mine as well

Carefully navigating our way around the family of cows and along the cliffs we made our way to the next beach, and the rock pool / waterfall

Beach in the back, Bridge in the front. A mohawk in nature form

Ignoring all the warning signs and making our way along the jagged and slippery rocks we finally arrived at the first of two pools and everyone chickened out of jumping, everyone except my dumb ass.

It looks a lot taller from up there, trust me

After the adrenaline rush and swimming around in the pool below the waterfall for a little bit we made our way all the way back to the beach, and towards home, as it was getting late in the day

High Island Reservoir

The way to the bus station led past the High Island Reservoir, created during a water crisis in Hong Kong as a result of some riots in 1967 (Wikipedia article ). Because it had gotten late we had managed to miss the last bus from the Pavilion and had to try and wrangle two taxis for our group so we could catch a bus back into the City Centre. We eventually found a taxi driver who let all 5 of us into his car: 1 in the front and 4 squeezed in the back. One of the most entertaining 10-15 minute journeys of my life

After that we headed our seperate ways and to bed

– nikmaxott

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