This City is a mecca for nerds, it happening to look an awful lot like Gotham at night helps it here. I had the privilege of spending a weekend in the Electronics Manufacturing Capital of the world with a friend of mine before Chinese New Year

A busy street by our hostel

Day 1

We arrived quite late in the day so the sun was already setting quickly once we got into the room. But we went out for an evening stroll regardless, and boy was it worth it. The sun had set, it had recently rained and the city looked menancing

Downtown Shenzhen

We wandered through the downtown area of Shenzhen, through back alleys and malls with the cities skyline looming above us in blue and purple LEDs. The skyline may not have anything on Hong Kong but its still quite impressive as skylines come

Purple LEDs in the Skyline

We had the amazing fortune of visiting the city during a full moon and because it was cloudy I had the pleasure of capturing the incredibly evil combo below while walking through one of the many malls.

Full Moon and a menacing red and orange building

By this time it was already getting late and we’d spent the day walking around so we headed back to the hostel and got some rest for a new days adventure tomorrow.

Day 2

A little side street full of life

The second day, although much less impressive visually, was still great, just wandering through the city felt good. An entirely different world so close to the place I’ve called home for 8 months. It felt both incredibly foreign and very homely all at the same time.

Trying my hand at portraiture

The day was spent wandering around malls and through neighbourhoods occasionally taking pictures when something caught my eye. I managed to cut it down to just a few pictures (deleting upwards of 70% of what I took) when I got back home but the real challenge with this was editing the accompanying vlog, it’s not my finest work but I am slowly improving, this is only my 5th or 6th total video shot and edited. So feedback is welcome

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