Suicide Cliff II

This post is gonna be less story and more pretty because I didn’t take enough pictures to properly create a story but it’s worth the post anyway with just how pretty this whole day was

MTR from Tai Wai to City One

This is one of the first few outings I did with my new lens (finally upgraded the stock 18-55 to the much more fancy 16-80mm f/2.8-4E ED) and the extra length either side from 55 to 80 and 18 to 16 was really very useful on this outing.

Walking through a Jungle as the sun goes down too early

The walking part of this was covered in Suicide Cliff I (link) but the sun coming through the jungle still looks spectacular honestly, it makes me fall in love with this city over and over again.

Some more artsy edits

Once you leave the Jungle you are greeted by a series of tight corners and soaring vistas on your left before you get to the rolling hills portion of this walk you have to go through more bush land, some of which gets to over your head, at least if you’re shorter than 6″ anyway

This trip was an interesting test for my portrait photography which is a very weak point for me, being that I basically don’t do it. But some decent pictures came out of it of some friends I had just made on the trip

There are a few more on my Instagram but we basically found this amazing background and made full use of it, the fog makes the layers of hills look that much better although the view over the city does become basically non existent which is a shame.

View one way onto the helicopter pad

The final stretch from Kowloon Peak Viewing Point to the Helicopter Pad by the Cliff itself seems so much longer than it is because of the ups and downs of the hills in the way, some of which need proper scrambling which with sheer drops either side and a fear of heights isn’t exactly fun…

View the other way from the Helicopter pad

Once we got to the Helicopter Pad we had a quick breather and realised that time was very much against us with the sun setting quickly

Silhouettes in the sun

That does however allow for some really fun silhouette edits with the sun behind you, although in this case the layer of smog did slightly ruin the aesthetic. At that point we had very little time with the light and had to go down the cliffface as quickly as possible, with only one stop on the way to capture the city in its glory

The city covered in a light pink smog, not a very distant view but pretty nonetheless, and thats the second suicide cliff trip, very different to the first although both amazing

– nikmaxott

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