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  • 5 Minute Edit Challenge! Beautiful Queenstown!

    5 Minute Edits from the amazing Queenstown on the Southern Island of New Zealand. Hiking up mountains for beautiful skys and waterfalls

  • Choi Hung Estate

    One of the most eye-catching places in Hong Kong: the Choi Hung Estate (Chinese: 彩虹邨) is an Instagram favourite with its many colourful blocks of flats framed by its equally vibrant basketball courts. Worth a trip if you’re a photographer or simply enjoy a splash of colour, try and go early to avoid the crowds […]

  • Macao Trip

    A small city much like Hong Kong, Macao is a gamblers paradise, a former portugese colony it is only a short distance from Hong Kong. You can reach Macao by either Ferry or as we did, across the worlds longest sea crossing the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge, by Bus. We decided to do this entire thing […]

  • Cheung Chau

    The Island of Cheung Chau is an outlying island of Hong Kong, its nickname is the ‘dumbell island’ as it is shaped like a dumbell. It is a place where the locals often go to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a day in the sunshine taking in some […]