Victoria Peak Hike II

My Family came to visit me for a week at the end of February and I decided to take them for a walk up to the iconic Victoria Peak and to admire the iconic Hong Kong skyline from the Lugard Road Lookout.

Spring has been slowly arriving in Hong Kong so although dry it was a rather warm day when we started the 45 minute hike upwards. Starting from the Main Library we took the escalator past Starbucks and headed towards Graduate House and the start of the Morning Trail.

Walking past the delightful pink pagoda we heard the sounds of some birds and managed to spot a pair of white parrots nesting in some trees.

After we had stopped being distracted by the adorable white birds we started the ascent properly, walking past the 1903 City Boundary stones which signified the old Hong Kong boundary under British rule and seperated the villages from Hong Kong itself.

We continued onwards and upwards through amazing jungle and past some stunning views until we reached a fork in the road, turning right onto Lugard Road and heading for the climax of the hike, Lugard Road lookout coverd as always in photographers taking pictures of the sunset

We admired the view, and the stunning cloud cover, for a few minutes before heading down the final section towards the Peak Tower for a family dinner, walking past the Lugard Road sign, through some more jungle, this time looking far more gloomy than on the way up and making our way inside to enjoy some pizza

After a lovely dinner we took the Peak Tram down towards central and there parted ways, me heading back home and them enjoying Hong Kongs nightlife for a little longer because of jetlag

– nikmaxott

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