Hong Kong: Victoria Peak I

From the HKU Campus up to Victoria Peak is a quick 45 minute hike, well more of a walk really but it reveals some spectacular views of Hong Kong and not just the one from the top

Chi Wah Learning Common

The day started as many do in the learning commons at HKU which, if you get a space, have some not too shabby views of there own. I set off at 4:30 ish in the hopes of catching a sunset on the peak and walked through campus to the beginning of the path that winds up past a temple, or burial I couldn’t tell, all whilst giving you glimpses of the city through the trees

The walk isnt’t very long but it takes you to another world, no cars, no noise, most of the time you’re surrounded by trees and nature its a break from the world for a little while in the middle of the city. Hong Kong has a reputation for being a concrete jungle, which in all fairness it is having the most skyscrapers in the world and all, but you forget that most of this country is undeveloped land, with beaches, jungle, and some great hiking opportunities

This is a wallpaper I’ve got on my laptop

This is the point where I ran into a rather lovely American lady, not much older than me who had been living in Hong Kong for a few years. She took a few pictures of me with the city in the background but I didn’t edit them because my camera is useless and screwed up the focus on them, oh well…

Anyway, we walked up and talked about Hong Kong and schools, just some small talk. I don’t remember her name but its always lovely running into people willing to just talk for a little while, we ultimately split ways when the path split into two me taking the slightly shorter route round the peak and her taking the slightly longer one finally being rewarded with a Hong Kong bucket shot for photographers, the skyline from the peak.

I didn’t end up staying for the sunset because I didn’t have my tripod and the clouds had moved in obscuring the skyline anyway. I have since been up once more for Chinese New Year (previous post) and found where the Lugard Road Lookout is so i’ll have to head up again soon. Next time I’ll bring my tripod and capture Hong Kong during sunset and at night for the full set of shots and of course I’ll take you along

– nikmaxott


  1. Jacob Bowell says:

    Great post! Is the divide between nature and city like this throughout Hong Kong? Also are you planning any other trips to maybe some of the beaches you mentioned in this post?

    1. Thanks for the questions Jacob.
      The divide between nature and city is normally less abrupt than this and more gradual but there is nature throughout most of the city in some form or another. For future plans: I’ve got lots of stuff planned, and some of it already shot, both in Hong Kong and throughout South-East Asia. Stay tuned for more

      – nikmaxott

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